Monday, August 26, 2013


Honestly not much happened in Utah, but the few things that did happen were GOLD. Every time I go to Utah my family stays at my grandparents house in Payson, which is a really small, quiet town. Everywhere you look there is green for miles! It's sooo pretty, but at the same time quite boring. Basically the only store they have is Walmart! So I'm sure you'll be able to understand why not very much happened while we were there ;)

We went up on a Saturday, and came back home on the next Saturday. But on Monday the One Direction music video for their new song "Best Song Ever" came out. And I KID YOU NOT, I probably watched it non stop for about 4 hours. HONESTLY. So I definitely take credit for helping break the VEVO 24 hour views record! :D But anyways, if you haven't seen it STOP RIGHT NOW AND WATCH IT.

Then on Tuesday and Wednesday we basically just hung out with cousins and had family dinners, and I also cut my mom, and aunt's hair. On one of those days though we went to a creek up in Payson Canyon! We brought up subway with us and it was delishhhh! Then we played in the creek and caught butterflies... check out my skills!

Then on Thursday I was planning on going out to try to find One Direction since they were in Utah at the same time, but the hard thing was that I didn't know where they would be! So I set my alarm and started getting ready constantly checking twitter, and chatting with other fans that were in Utah, trying to figure out where they were. Finally I got the best guess figured out and headed on my way. The hotel was a couple blocks away from temple square, and when I got there, there were quite a bit of fans gathered around the door, so I totally started getting anxious. I got out of the car and ran towards the group and squeezed my way to towards the front. The body guards kept coming out and telling us to back up and blah blah blah, but FINALLY little baby Lux, Lou, Paul, and Gemma came out! THEN HARRY STYLES WALKS RIGHT ON OUT AND I JUST STARTED CRYING. He was beautiful. It was sooooo surreal. He tried to take pictures with fans but security pulled him away and straight into the tour bus RIGHT PAST ME. I totally couldn't like smacked his head but that's mean ;) 

After the tour bus pulled away I started hysterically sobbing and ran after the bus. My parents picked me up and then we followed the bus about halfway to the arena when we lost it. So we just kept going to the arena, and when we got there I went around to the back where there were a ton of fans and just looked through the fence hoping to see one of the boys. THEN MY DAD COMES UP TO ME AND HANDS ME A TICKET TO THE SHOW FOR THAT NIGHT. Now keep in mind I was very very veryyy convinced I would never see One Direction perform live ever in my lifetime, and the thought always made me really sad since I love the boys so much! So when my dad handed me the ticket I broke down into tears again. I was SO HAPPY. 

  After that I met up with my cousin Maddie and her friends until the show. We got some food,met other fans, and bought merch. During the show I was by myself but I had the GREATEST TIME OF MY LIFE. I cried, I laughed, I smiled till my cheeks hurt, and screamed at the top of my lungs. 5 Seconds of Summer was the opening act which was AMAZING SINCE I LOVE THEM. Here's a video taken of them performing "Heartbreak Girl" one of there songs that night (not my video).

When One Direction came out I literally thought I was gonna die! I got soooo light-headed. But they all sounded INCREDIBLE!  I think my favorite songs they performed were "Summer Love", "Teenage Dirtbag", and "She's Not Afraid". Here's a video of them singing "Heart Attack" (once again not my video).

All 9 boys put on an AMAZING show. Hopefully I'll be able to see them all perform again :) 

The day after the concert I went to Lagoon with my best friend Heather, her older brother Tyler, and my brother Trapper. We didn't stay very long though due to the fact that we all got really sick and tired. My top 2 rides were Wicked and The Samurai!! They are SOOO trippy. If you ever have the chance to go to Lagoon, those rides are a must. 

Here's a video of the Samurai... 

And here's a video of Wicked...

LOL at the guy recording's grunts. 

The next day we went home, which was both happy and sad. But as commonly said, "There's no place like home." :) Hope you all have a great week!!
Au revoir! xx


Ryan Farley said...

Your dad sounds AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Yes, your Dad sounds ALMOST as awesome as you. Love you so much Reed. G-ma